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5-bar Wax melt

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Choice of fragrance

We add dry botanicals to our wax melts to add a touch of beauty - jasmine flower, hibiscus flower, elderflower, poppy, lavender, daisy flower, pink cornflower.

Simply place the wax melt on your favourite wax burner, in no time, your room will be filled with a delightful and stimulating aroma that will enhance your sense of smell.

When using wax melt, you might see vapour emitting, this is normal, it means the fragrance is being released from the wax into the air.

Please see the Fragrance oil and CLP page for the wax melts fragrance descriptions.



Depending on the size of your burner dish, burn one or two cube of wax melt at a time to avoid spillage, stains and damage to work surface.

Do not add water to dish, ensure burner is always dry before using wax melt.

Use in a well ventilated area away from anything that could catch fire and don't leave burner unattended to.

Keep away from children and pets.